Partner with us as we build ...

Partner with us as we build ...

Phase 3 of the Philippine Birthing Clinic Project: The South East Asian Theological Schools, Inc. (SEATS) Multipurpose Building.

The South East Asian Theological Schools, Inc. (SEATS) is BGC Canada’s Philippine partner in this project. Founded as the College of the Shepherds in 1986 by John Fast, it today serves at the pastoral training program for the Baptist Conference of the Philippines Metro Manila-Luzon District. SEATS’ main focus is helping churches engage society. SEATS envisions this space will become their Center for Diakonal Ministries. It will serve as a model for how churches can impact their communities through community service connections.

We initially envisioned that this Multipurpose Center would be only one storey, but as we prayed and planned, it became clear to us that a two-storey structure would be more useful.

The ground floor will house the SEATS Multipurpose Hall, a 1075ftspace where larger groups will meet for community meetings, worship, BBQs, birthday parties, and other community events. This will help meet our community’s need for suitable public gathering space and will provide a space for us to hold our Family Worship.

In addition to a public gathering space, we also need smaller rooms to house the various ministries and classes that God has led us to begin. Thus, the second floor will house the SEATS office and three classrooms suitable for hosting classes of all types, from SEATS classes to local livelihood classes to Kids’Net classes on Saturdays.

The total size of the two floors will be 2,150ft2. The total estimated cost of Phase 3 is $96,700.00. (This figure is based upon June 2016 rates and includes a 15% contingency amount.)

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