The Project Background

The Project Background

Since 2008, Eva has worked with midwives who serve God by ministering to women and children through a birthing ministry. In 2010, we moved to Pingkian, to become a part of this community. Since our current rented facility will soon be unavailable, we are building a new facility to house not only the birthing center but also provide housing for the midwife as well as creating a multi-use space for the community to use.

The land purchase and construction of new Birthing Clinic building is just the first phase of our larger vision to show God’s love to people in Pingkian through midwifery care, Men’s and Women’s Bible studies, Children’s ministries, and Youth ministry. 

Midwifery care is an excellent place for us to start because:

1. Childbirth is a spiritual process, and women are open to hearing about the gospel during their antenatal care. Sometimes spiritual issues become a barrier to giving birth. Introducing women in labour to the forgiveness Jesus offers often provides the needed help for the labour to progress. A few new pregnant women are coming to our Bible study. We continue to invite others. Many of the children of our patients have been attending Kid’s Net, our children’s program, and are learning Godly values.

2. The birthing center has been proven as an effective strategy for engaging society with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The connections made with the community through the birthing center have resulted in ministry groups to women, men, youth, and children.

3. 2000 new families are being relocated from surrounding areas into our community. While this will be a tremendous change for our community, we are excited about the opportunities for mission!

In subsequent phases, we plan to build on this foundation of midwifery care to create a place where the men, women, youth, and children of the community can gather to develop relationships with others and with God, to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, to meaningfully engage with society by being the voice of God’s people, and to serve one another in love.

To serve this purpose, we will construct a multipurpose hall on the same property that will be used as a community-gathering place, ministry and worship center, and training school.